1. Can a parent video the show?

Copy written  shows (Like- The Little Mermaid, Willy Wonka, Mathilda) cannot be video'd by parents.  We purchase a special license that allows us to provide a video to our parents for memorabilia/archival purposes.  They are not to be put on social media or played anywhere but at your home.

2. What about taking pictures?

In most cases pictures are fine, without a flash for the students safety and concentration. We also take amazing pictures and share them with you. 

There are a few shows that do not allow pictures.  In the preshow announcement if you are asked to not take pictures. Please understand that it is due to copywrite and licensing laws.  Thanks!

3. How early can I drop my student off for class. 

Doors will be open for students to come in 15 minutes prior to class. Occasionally we are there early but not usually. Please don't drop your student off before the 15 min. timeslot.

GENERAL PROGRAM INFORMATION - Stay tuned for more updated info


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