4 Class summer dance series - Pick 1 or pick them all

Ages 8 - 16

Camp Dates - Monday June 15, Tuesday June 16, Monday July 6 and Tuesday July 7.

Pick all 4  - $100

Or pick your favorite $35 per class

Time - 12:30 - 3:30

Location - 1296 Main St. (Behind Stuft Burger)

Class Themes - 

June 15- Instructor - Sam Baldwin

Rockin' Rockettes

See what it's like to be a NYC Rockette.  Work on precision movements including high kicks! During class there will be a thorough full-body warm up with conditioning and extensive introduction into the the world of the Rockettes.  Then we will learn a Rockette Style combination to finish the master class.

June 16 - Instructor - Sam Baldwin

What?  I have to carry things and dance?

This class will teach traditional musical theater style dancing while incorporating the use of props. Learning to dance and using everyday objects to further tell the story is an art form that takes many years of practice to master.  During class there will be a thorough full-body warm up, and will end with a fun, prop filled dance combination. 

July 6 and 7 - Instructor - Sky Cash Seaberry
Sounds, Steps and Sass of Swing!
This unique 2 day masterclass will focus on the variety of steps that are used in Musical Theatre from the ballroom style of dance. We will learn the steps of Tango, Salsa, Foxtrot, Hustle, Waltz, Cha Cha, and East Coast Swing! Within the two days there will be a thorough full-body warm up with conditioning, an extensive introduction to each style of dance and then a combination dance that will be continued into the second day. We look forward to expanding your knowledge in the dance world and having a ton of fun!

Ages 3 - 7

When - June 2

Time - 9 - 12

Location - 1296 Main St. Windsor (behind Stuft Burger)

Cost - $25 per student

5 students min - 20 student max

Beach Party Dance Camp
Let’s go catch some waves and have some fun in the sun! Join us for a surfing good time as we learn dances to the songs of summer. 

The camp will be filled with crafts, a beachy snack and surfside dancing!

Dance styles: the twist, jazz, line dancing 

Join us for a summer of dance ! 

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Moana dance camp

Come sail away  with us to Montunui for Moana dance camp! Where your child will move their feet to the island beat. The day will be filled with fun games, crafts, snacktime and of course dancing!

So throw on your Grass skirts and join us in restoring the heart of Te Fiti through dance! 
Dance style Will include Polynesian, jazz, hip-hop

Ages - 3 - 7
Date - June 29

Time - 9 - 12

Location - 1296 Main St. Windsor (behind Stuft Burger)

Cost - $25 per student

5 student min - 20 student max

Princess/Prince dance camp 

Your child is cordially invited to attend a royally exciting day of prince and princess dance camp! Where they will dance, spin and curtsy while acting out their favorite royal characters. 

The day will be filled with exciting crafts, fun dances, games and a prince/princess tea party! 

Your a little ones are encouraged to wear their most favorite prince or princess attire!

Dance styles will include ballet, waltz, jazz

Ages - 3 - 7

Date - June 18 

Time - 9 - 12

Location - 1296 Main St. Windsor (Behind Stuft Burger)

Cost - $25 per student

5 student min - 20 student max