Ages - 9 and up!

Princess/Prince Dance Party - Ages 3 - 8

Your child is cordially invited to attend a royally exciting day of prince and princess dance party!

Where they will dance, spin and curtsy while acting out their favorite royal characters. 

The day will be filled with exciting crafts, fun dances, and games! 

Your a little ones are encouraged to wear their most favorite prince or princess attire!

Dance styles will include ballet, waltz, jazz

​​Craft supplies can be picked up at the studio prior to your class

Instructor - Kellie Miller

Ages - 3 - 8
Time - 9AM (45 min. dance party)

Location - Zoom
Date - Thursday June 18 
Cost - $10 per student

5 student min - 20 student max

Let's go on a Scavenger hunt with Winnie the Pooh!  - Ages 3 - 7

Join us for virtual story time.

Where Christopher Robin sends Pooh and his friends to find the greatest  thing in the whole world!

When storytime is over, we will have a scavenger hunt so you can search for things too. 

Instructor - Kellie Miller

Ages - 3 - 8

Date - Tuesday June 9th

Time - 10AM (30 min)

Location - Zoom

Tuition - $7

Minimum 5 students

Join us for a fun 1 hour virtual Zoom class and get your body moving. 
Learn Choreography from the Original Broadway Show!!

Instructor - Clare lacy

Class date - Friday July 10
Time - 10:00AM
Tuition - $10

3 student Minimum​

Beach Party Dance Camp - Ages 3 - 8

Let’s go catch some waves and have some fun in the sun! Join us for a surfing good time as we learn dances to the songs of summer. 

Dress up in your most fun beach clothes for this virtual dance party! 

We will dance, play games and do a craft!

Dance styles: the twist, jazz, line dancing 

​Craft supplies can be picked up at the studio prior to your class​

Instructor - Kellie Miller

​​Ages 3 - 7
When -  Tuesday June 2

Location - Zoom 
Time - 9AM (45 min. dance party)
Tuition- $10 per student

5 students min - 20 student max

June Guest Artist -

Shannon Starkey

July classes will be listed soon!  Keep watching for more classes.

Ages 9 and up!

Have you ever talked like a pirate? When is the last time you used your royal voice for giving a command? What would a tiger sound like if it spoke your language? If you enjoy talking as a different character or love watching cartoons and anime, then join us as we dive into the world of creative voice.  We will be revealing different techniques and methods to help create a voice for your next character.

This virtual program will consist of 2 - 1 hour group classes 

Instructor - Ben Griffin
Location - Virtual - Zoom

Class dates and time - Thursday June 11th and June 18th @ 11AM

Tuition - $45

Minimum #5 students​


Introduction to Dialects - Ages 10 and Up

This dialect class will be introducing students to an important aspect of performing. There are shows that require dialects in order to help tell the story.  Could you imagine playing Queen Elizabeth without a British dialect?  Would the cast of Newsies be as charming without their New York City charm? Join us as we touch on these two major dialects: RP (received pronunciation or the Queen’s British) and New York City.

This Virtual Class will consist of 3 - 1 hour Zoom get togethers.

Instructor - Ben Griffin

Group Class dates​ - Wed. June 3rd, 10th, and 17th

Time - 11:00AM

Tuition - $60

Minimum 5 students/Maximum 15

​​Moana Dance Party - Ages 3 - 8

Join us for a dance party with Moana, Maui and her chicken HeiHei! 

We will sing, dance and do an island craft!

Dress in your best island costume and get ready to dance!

Craft supplies can be picked up at the studio prior to your class

Instructor - Kellie Miller

Ages - 3 - 8
Time - 9AM (45 min. dance party)

Location - Zoom
Date - Monday June 29
Cost - $10 per student

5 student min - 20 student max


Guest Artist Workshop - Singing With Intention  - Ages - 10 and up!


How many times have you seen someone perform and it brings you to tears because you could feel everything they were feeling? Love, fear, joy, confusion?  Every song should make you feel something and this workshop will help you learn how to make your emotional intention seen and heard by the audience.

 Shannon Starkey our June guest artist is excited to share with our students what it takes to be a professional in our ever changing industry.  She will also be working with each student to help them find their emotional intention for their song.  

This workshop will consist of a 1 hour group Zoom Class and a 30  min. Private lesson. 

Each student will be asked to pick a favorite song and submit it. 

Shannon will then pick 3 students to showcase during the group class. During the class Shannon will be teaching different techniques to help find your emotional intention or emotional goal. 

Group Class Date - Monday June 2 @ 12:00PM

Private Sessions will be held on June 10 and June 11  

Locations - Zoom

Tuition - $60

5 Student Minimum - 15 Student Maximum (with more than 15 students we will open a second workshop)

Originally from New Hampshire, Shannon trained at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA and American Musical And Dramatic Academy in NYC. She travels the world singing with various bands and vocal groups and can be seen performing at Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando, FL where she resides with her husband and two silly dogs. Shannon had had the pleasure of performing in theaters all over the United States. Her favorite regional theater credits include Mary Poppins, Sally Bowles in Cabaret, The Witch in Into The Woods, Sandra in Big Fish and Carla in Nine. 

PLAYWRITING 101 - Ages 10 and up!

Join us for a fun 1 hour virtual Zoom class and get your body moving. 

Learn Choreography from the Original High School Movie!!

Instructor - Clare lacy

Class date - Friday June 5

Time - 10:00AM

Tuition - $10

3 student Minimum

Virtual Classes are here!  Check out our programs! 

Programs are listed by class date. Make sure you scroll down to see everything!

We will be adding July Classes soon!  A new Guest Artist Each Month!

Do you love to write?  Do you have so many ideas in your head you just want to tell everyone? 

Essays, short stories, poetry, novels, and…play writing? Whether it’s two minutes or two hours, writing a play can be your way of creativity in the world of theatre. We’ll be using improv and other story developing games to help you create your next masterpiece. William Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, and now, maybe, you!

This virtual program will consist of 2 - 1 hour group classes plus a 30 min. individual instruction.

Instructor - Ben Griffin
Location - Virtual - Zoom 

Group classes  -  Thursday May 28th and June 4th @ 1 pm

​Individual time slots will be between May 28th thru June 4th - You will pick your time slot after enrollment. 

Tuition - $60
5 Student Minimum

Fairytale Puppetry - Ages - 7 - 11

All kind of puppets from here, there and everywhere ... fairytale witches, ancient mythological gods and lively characters from a child's imagination.  Puppets are like a window, through which we have a glimpse of the world, its history and diversity.

In this 4 class program you will get to create your puppet character and then act out and video a beloved fairytale.  It will then be edited together to create a cohesive story with all your friends and their puppet creations.

We will be working on various acting techniques in addition to traditionally puppeteering. 

Instructor - Kellie Miller

Class Dates - Wednesday's June 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th

Time - 10AM

Location - Zoom

Tuition - $75

Minimum - 5 students

This virtual program will teach you step by step how to do the basics of stage make-up.  You will follow along and as our instructors apply their make-up. You will then apply your make-up so you get hands on practice! You will learn how to do a basic stage face plus you will learn old age make-up techniques.

This class is designed for both boys and girls.

You will need make-up for this class.  If you already have a NoCo Theatrix make-up kit you will have nearly everything you need.  We will email you a list after you register with the supplies you will need.

All the make-up you need can be easily purchased at the store.

 This is a great way to start building your own make-up kit with your favorite items.

Instructor - Anna Bumford

Class Dates - Pick a session - Each session is 1 hour

Session 1 - Monday June 22nd @ 1PM

Session 2 - Thursday June 25th @ 10AM

Location - Zoom 

Tuition - $20

5 Student Min/15 Student Max

Character Development Workshop - Ages 10 and Up!

        In this 4 week intensive workshop we will explore different characters from a musical theater production.

Each week exploring more and more about why the character is who they are and how "you" can build that character and present them to an audience.

On our final week, we will do a virtual read through where you will have the opportunity to showcase your characters to the class! 

Instructor - Kellie Miller

Class Dates - Tuesday June 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd

Time - 11AM

Location - Zoom 

Tuition - $75

Minimum Students 5/Maximum 15​