Dance Classes for Kids! All different Styles!  Why pick one kind of dance when you can try them all in 1 class!

Musical Theater Dance class

​Do you have an older student that has never had dance class but really wants to try? 

 But they don't want to be in the beginner classes with the little kids? 

Then this program is for you!

This dance class is designed for Beginner/Intermediate students to learn a combination of musical theater dance styles, ballet technique, jazz, and multiple Broadway styles.

Why choose 1 style when you can learn them all?  Most dance numbers use multiple styles!

Dance Class Tuition - Monthly - August 2021 - May 2022

30 Min. Class - $35 per month

45 Min. Classes/weekly - $40 per month

60 Min. Classes/weekly - $45 per month

NEW Broadway Workout Tuition

Session 1 and 2 - $30 per month

Session 3 - $40 per month  

​Please note - we will NOT have dance class on  Memorial Day Weekend, Labor Day,  Halloween, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, Presidents Day or Spring Break (Weld RE- 4)

Dance Class Dress Code  

All dance classes wear comfy clothes that you can move in.  No Jeans

Tap Classes - must have appropriate tap shoes

Musical Theater Dance Classes should wear Jazz shoes


Students will be invited to participate in a winter Holiday Spectacular Dec. 11 and our Spring Showcase.


Costumes and Costume Fees will be announced soon.

2021 FALL Registration is OPEN!!  FALL dance classes will begin in the week of AUGUST 16TH. We have Open Enrollment and ongoing registration which means you can begin ANYTIME during the year, and your registration/tuition will continue until you participate in the Spring performance.

First Class is FREE. 

Tap Class

PRIVATE Dance lessons - Our amazing instructor Kellie has a few spots left for private dance instruction.  These lessons are designed for beginners/intermediate dancers who would be interested in private tap at the studio. These are perfect for the homeschooled student or students  taking online school this year. If you prefer Zoom lessons let us know and we can help you out. Contact us for pricing and scheduling.

Broadway Babes Tap/Jazz - Ages 3- 7 - Thursdays - 4:15 - 5:00 pm  

Broadway Tweens Tap - Ages 8 - 11 - Thursday's 5:15- 6:00 pm 

Broadway Stars Tap - Ages - 11 and up - Thursday's 6:15 - 7:15 pm

Musical Theater Dance Classes

Broadway Babes Ballet/Musical Theater Class - Ages 3 - 7 - Mondays 3:45 - 4:15pm

Starting Fall 2021 - Enroll Today!​

​​​​Broadway Tweens MT - Ages 8 - 11- Monday's - 4:30 - 5:30pm 

Broadway Stars MT - Ages 12 - 18 - Monday's  - 5:45 - 6:45pm 


​​New Broadway Workout Class Starting Fall 2021 - Non Performance Class - 

​Starting The Week of Sept. 6 thru April - First Class Free

Workout to Broadway Musicals and Sing Out Strong!

These classes are designed to build strength and stamina all while

dancing to some of your favorite Broadway musicals.

You will do some traditional working out along with the fun of learning choreography!

Broadway Workout Session 2 - Ages 3 - 10 - Thursday's 3:30  - 4:00 - Sept. 9
Students will get a great workout that includes yoga,  various dance styles, acting and singing!

Broadway Workout Session 3 - Ages 11 and up (Parents too!) - Friday's 4:30 - 5:30 - Sept. 10
Students and Parents will get a great workout that includes yoga,  various dance styles, and singing (if you choose)!  Parents join with your student for FREE!!